What is ESCAPE and who is it for ?


Today, we see :

  • A lack of operational structures in France and further more in Europe to educate alert and assistance dogs to help epileptic patients;
  • The absence of scientific evidence confirming the reality of the phenomenon of anticipation of epileptic seizures, faculty of which certain dogs would be provided;
  • A strong expectation of patients and families to limit the anxiety of the unexpected occurrence of epileptic seizures;
  • A strong expectation of the few US and Canadian teams to work with research teams specializing in the detection and recognition of EEG and EEG video epileptic seizures.


To improve the quality of life of epileptic patients, the ESCAPE project will have two components: a dog alert and protection education association and a research program.


The goals are :

  • To achieve, within 2 years, the setting up of a training structure for assisting and alerting dogs to help epileptic patients whatever the age : the ambition of this structure is to be positioned from the outset at a European level and to realize from the first year the education of several alert dogs.
  • To conduct a parallel research to approach the mechanisms behind the animal's ability.
  • To establish the scientific correlations between the warnings given by the dog and the information provided by the patient and / or his entourage and EEG signals (electroencephalographic) collected on the patient.

ESCAPE will train alert dogs for epilepsy and conduct a research to measure the possible correlations between observed phenomena.